Orlaco Camera Systems

Improve safety, visibility and efficiency.

Don’t just fit a camera system – fit the best and see how the Orlaco system…


  • Visibility
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Warehouse Utilization


  • Operator back & neck injuries
  • Costly product damage
  • Accidents
  • Driver Fatigue

Easily fitted to all types of forklift trucks new or retro fitted on site

  • Full colour flat screen – high resolution display
  • Waterproof – resistant to high pressure cleaning
  • Heated Cameras – suitable for cold store operations
  • Designed to cope with truck vibration
  • Robust stainless steel camera housing

Additional options available:

  • On Board Digital Video Recorder
  • Multi Camera Systems
  • Multi View Split Screen Display Options

Click here to view the Orlaco Camera System Brochure.

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